David Lefkon

Hello There!

I am an open source web developer living in Yonkers, NY.


I am a web developer living in Yonkers, NY (U.S. Citizen), specializing in creating agile, object-oriented, MVC structured PHP code using frameworks such as Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Kohana

  • Experienced at training and leading other programmers
  • Seven years professional experience as LAMP developer in NY area
  • Good at multitasking, prioritizing tasks and interacting with stakeholders
  • Special expertise in lead generation
  • Technologies looking to work with: HTML5, NodeJS, Mongo, Backbone

  • JS: jQuery, ExtJS and Prototype
  • DB: MySQL, Mongo
  • CSS: v3, Blueprint, Bootstrap
  • OS: All
  • HTML: v4 (Novice at v5)
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    Here's some of my personal projects ...




    Strong LAMP web developer.  Linux, Apache, PHP 5, MySQL, Mongo, JQuery, ExtJS, AJAX, Javascript, CSS, Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, Kohana.  Object-oriented, lean, agile MVC structured code. US citizen in Yonkers, NY.


    NY, NY
    7/13 – Present

    Implemented GIT web development and staging environments

    The Collegebound Network
    Staten Island, NY
    4/10 – 7/13

    Worked with team to build spabeautyschools.com and topcareerschools.com and myglobaleducation.com and many other education targeted lead generation progressive experience websites using a unified code base with an MVC structure

    Reworked existing sites to provide better tracking and visibility for SEM and SEO departments, using 10 step Google Analytics Goal funnel and JavaScript page triggers

    Used JQuery along with plug-ins such as history and validation as well as PHP PDO, Smarty, Zend caching.

    Created lead submission module and various scripts to submit leads as an internal affiliate as well as lead checking, lead flow checking scripts. Consistently achieved greater than 75% lead throughput.

    Created form service which pulled XML feed data into a MySQL database and output forms pulled from search service. Implemented sophisticated filtering of forms for this service based on real-time SOAP based ping requests to schools and checks to see if available programs, geotargeting options, etc.

    Teachers College at Columbia University
    NY, NY
    1/10 – 2/10

    Used TCPDF PHP class to create PDF's from JSON applicant data retrieved using Kohana ORM

    Created two column ExtJS layout with search, collapsing gridpanels, and drag/drop AJAX functionality that adds/removes organizations to/from organization groups

    Using Frog CMS, added checkboxes to ExtJS grid panel selecting rows and sending emails

    NY, NY
    4/09 – 10/09

    Supported and made fixes to high traffic texting sites, clubtexting.com and EzTexting.com

    Developed PHP5 backend for eztexting.com using Zend, Postgres, Linux and Apache.

    Created Javascript coupon feature for front-end and interface on backend

    Overcame Zend lack of scaffolding by creating my own and added AJAX JQuery "edit in place" functionality

    Supported and improved texting REST API

    Venture Direct Worldwide
    NY, NY
    3/08 – 1/09

    Developed eschoolguide.com database and backend using Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP5, AJAX, JS, Symfony, Propel, SVN, Blueprint, and Eclipse PDT with Azzurri Clay

    Implemented development, staging and production MySQL databases along with associated PHP synchronization scripts and web interface.

    Created reporting module that showed incoming lead totals for affiliates filtered by date showing the number of test leads, successful leads and total revenue

    NY, NY
    10/07 – 3/08

    Used Prototype, JavaScript, Flash/Actionscript, Photoshop, CSS, Fireworks, YUI, Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL to update Shopping Maps section of site

    Created back and front-ends of the 'Travel and Culture' section using PHP script that parsed XML feeds into MySQL database using ADOdb abstraction layer

    Added MySQL full-text searching to Wordpress 'Sites that Inspire' section

    Used FlashVars to pass URL to global Actionscript variables for seamless server migration

    Ketchum through MAP SSG
    NY, NY
    8/07 – 9/07

    Created MySQL database and PHP queries displaying lists of drinks and recipes based on product and occasion for 4Cocktails.com

    Created drink calculator which displays shopping lists based on drink and number of guests using JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and CSS.

    Noise Marketing through RHT
    NY, NY
    7/07 – 8/07

    Created ichaptersrep.com allowing reporting and communication between managers and field representatives and successfully rolled out to 750 reps

    Created ambassadors.chaseplus1.com in 2 days by cloning & re-skinning ichaptersrep.com

    Modified Joomla components on Linux server with Apache and created new modules using object oriented PHP, MySQL and JavaScript

    Innovation Ads
    NY, NY
    8/06 – 5/07

    Maintained registration path websites ( freescholarshipguide.com& 10kscholarship.com) using JavaScript, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Linux, Smarty, AJAX, Regular Expressions

    Created PHP script and cron job to notify IT manager if too many MySQL processes running

    Created PHP validation and processing files for lead generation campaigns

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    11/04 – 8/06

    Tested Power5 hardware using AIX and trained incoming technicians

    Voyetra Turtle Beach
    Yonkers, NY
    7/00 – 6/02

    Administered Windows/Linux. Configured Exchange. Maintained user accounts.

    Handled calls from end users assisting installing and configuring soundcards


    Marist College
    Poughkeepsie, NY
    9/05 – 5/07

    13 of 31 credits completed towards M.S. in Computer Science

    GPA 3.8

    New York Institute of Technology
    NY, NY
    9/02 – 5/04

    B.S. Computer Science

    GPA 3.94


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